About Me

Kimberly Weintraub


The Lifestyle Lender


I grew up in a quiet little town in Westchester, New York. Armonk to be specific. I currently reside in Wilton CT, another small town similar to Armonk in style and charm. My house is on a hill and I live there with my incredible fiancé, his amazing 10 year old son, and our 3 cats!

I’m pretty sure I was born with a smile on my face and always continue to look at life in that way no matter how hard the days can get!

At a very young age, I was on my own and that forced me to be a working girl since the young age of 13, which although was tough,  it’s what made me who I am today. Independent. Strong. Resilient. These are HUGE defining personal principles that I wish to instill in ALL kids that are growing up in this world! I love to help others; it actually brings me more joy than helping myself sometimes! I guess that’s why my co-workers at Atlantic Residential Mortgage call me the concierge… I like to spell it with a K for Kim (Koncierge)!

My every day, 24-7 focus is helping my clients achieve the dream of their biggest investment in life…HOME OWNERSHIP!

I am an Executive Mortgage Banker at Atlantic Residential Mortgage i.e. “ARM” and pride myself on the outstanding level of customer service and dedication I give to each individual client. The best part of the whole mortgage process for me, is receiving the “Thank you” email from a client who just moved into their new home or saved money refinancing their current mortgage. Building long lasting relationships with my clients and referral sources is what makes my job that much more fulfilling.

As for this blog and my “Koncierge Passion” … I get countless calls from clients and friends asking me for recommendations for anything and everything.

Which mortgage product is best for me? Who does your hair? Where can I get a pair of shoes for a party tonight? What is your favorite vacation spot? Dinner location? Who is your caterer? Vet? You name it and I get asked about it!

The Lifestyle Lender website’s goal is to provide all of this information to the people I know and adore in ONE SPOT…and in turn, I will continue to smile as I have since I was born, knowing I can keep making the people in my life and sphere of influence happy and aware of the BEST AROUND!


With love,

Your Lifestyle Lender

Kim The Koncierge

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