The “GO TO” Father’s Day guide!


For the dad that travels:
Dad will love a personalized Dob kit for his business trips!

For the beer loving Dads:

Get him a glass with his initials… nothing better than a personalized beer mug!

For the dad that LOVES to grill:

This personalized grill master tool set is a fan favorite!

For the fashionista Dad:

APL speakers…perfect for working out or for a lazy Saturday with the family!

For the dad that works out like a bad ass:

The Perfect Push up… Muscles are always key!

For the Dad that loves his memories:

Polaroid for instant gratification…Get it here or AMAZON PRIME

For the Techy Dad:

A Fitbit is the perfect gift for younger and older dad’s when tracking health is made easy!

For the dad that is the life of the party!:

This Bose Bluetooth speaker comes everywhere with me! It’s a must have.

For the dad that loves music!:

Beats by Dre headphones – the BEST sound!

MY FAVORITE: For the dad that doesn’t want a gift BUT would love to spend time with you…

Get him tickets to a concert… 



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